Please Be Patient With Me

I should warn you
When I’m not well
I can’t tell
Oh, there’s nothing I can do
To make this easier for you

You’re gonna need to be patient with me

I’m this apple, this happening stone
When I’m alone
Oh, but my blessings get so blurred
At the sound of your words

I’m gonna need you to be patient with me

How can I warn you
When my tongue turns to dust
Like we’ve discussed
It doesn’t mean that I don’t care
It means I’m partially there

You’re gonna need to be patient with me

Written by Tweedy
Instrumental Credits
Jeff Tweedy – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
John Stirratt – bass
Glenn Kotche – glockenspiel
Mikael Jorgensen – piano
Pat Sansone – acoustic guitar

Played Live On

Los Angeles, CA - Largo at the Coronet
Honolulu, HI - Hawaii Theatre
Toronto, ON - Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Iowa City, IA - The Englert Theatre
Chicago, IL - Riviera Theatre