Wilco Performs All Fan-Request Set Friday June 21 at Solid Sound

Wilco’s Friday night set at Solid Sound will be comprised exclusively of fan-requested songs, including covers. The band has taken song submissions in advance and promises to learn 50 of those songs for the festival. Then, during the concert, approximately 20 songs will be selected live, at random, for Wilco to perform during its regular set. The encores will feature more fan-requested songs submitted via Twitter, as well as a live version of “Stump the Band” in which audience members will request songs and attempt to stump Wilco, a variation on the original “Stump the Band” segment featured on The Tonight Show. The Solid Sound version will feature modern-day comedic talent John Hodgman standing in for the late-great Johnny Carson, polling audience members for their best song challenges.

This is the first-ever all-request concert by Wilco. It may also be the last.

Tickets and more info at solidsoundfestival.com