Voting on #wilcoinnature Summer Photo Contest brought back for round two

Alright, people, we’re going to be blunt here. We caught a whole lot of people cheating during the voting period of this summer’s photo contest, i.e., contestants voting voting for themselves more than once, at times, thousands of times in one day. It is clearly stated in the original rules & regulations that this is against the rules of the contest. However, since this contest is part of a campaign pushing for voting on environmental issues by the general public, and pushing for people to speak up and be heard in a democratic fashion, we’re going to give democracy one more shot here and let the public vote on the original 50 finalists again for 48 hoursĀ (ending Friday 08.24 at 4pm). Cast your vote HERE.

Feel free to contact your friends and family to vote on your photo, feel free to post on your social networks to promote your own photo to gather votes. After all, that’s what we originally wanted – to promote the “Vote Your Environment” campaign. This time, if we notice any “irregularities” in the voting, the relevant photo will be disqualified. We will be monitoring this very closely.

If it doesn’t work this time around, Wilco HQ will gladly use their own democratic voice and vote their favorites within the office.

If your photo has been selected and you have not sent your info to contests@wilcoworld.net yet, please do so within the next 48 hours or you will be disqualified as well, as we have no way of contacting you. We simply need your name, shipping & email address, twitter handle and high-res version of your original entry photo.

Cast your vote HERE.

Let the games begin (again).


Wilco HQ