The Whole Love – now available on Piano Roll

Answering the call from octogenarian fans and audiophiles worldwide, Wilco have finally released their Grammy-nominated 2011 album The Whole Love on piano roll. In partnership with Player Piano Store Day (PPSD) 2012, each 30-gram, onion-paper pressing of The Whole Love has been hand-punched in Munich and will be available April 31. “Wilco pride themselves on authenticity and a respect of the American musical tradition, so what better way to honor that heritage than to listen to The Whole Love on a barely functioning piano in a dusty antique store,” writes Chief Wilco Strategist Lucy Lillabee. “Besides, these things cost like $1 to make, and hipsters are going to eat this shit up.” All proceeds from piano roll sales will be donated to ChicagoBase, an Illinois non-profit that will come clean out your grandmother’s basement if you want.