Stupid As The Sun

Every little hair on my neck is a wreck
Black and blue because of you
My back's out of place
I need a brace and my face is askew
Now that's hard to do
Come on let me down
We can work something out
If my dad comes by, you'll fry
He'll give you something to write about

It was funny at first
Now I'm cursed with the worst living will
On this hill
You think I could get a bit
Of your soul's debt and free will
Because I'm footing the bill
Come on let me down
You've all had your fun
Even my mom's given up on me
I'm as stupid as the sun

Got assigned here
Not a good career
Preacher man in demand
When I took this job, on it said
I'd get a lot of sun, sea, and sand
And a burial plan
Come on let me down
I'm resigning now
I got an offer from the other guy
That's starting to look good right now

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