New pre-sale ticketing partner, CrowdSurge

In our continuing efforts to find the most effective and simple way for you to obtain tickets via our pre-sales, we’re making a change. From today forward all pre-sales will be facilitated be by our new partners — a company called CrowdSurge (a part of Songkick). Which means pre-sales will no longer be run by Front Gate Tickets. Trust us when we say that for reasons far too boring to go into here, this makes sense for us moving forward.

If you already have a Wilco account on Front Gate Tickets, you will receive an e-mail on steps to create your new CrowdSurge account.

We are excited about the new opportunities this partnership will create and hope you will bear with us while we all aim to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone.

Love, Wilco HQ

*Please note that the transfer of your information from Front Gate Tickets to CrowdSurge was monitored; none of your information was or will ever be compromised.