Pure Bug Beauty

This Is New

Diamond Claw

This Is New (The Explanation)

What Good Am I

Here Comes Everybody

Hummingbird (Alternate Version)

The High Heat


Barnyard Pimp




The Wilco Book

Credits + Notes

A collaborative picture book about music.

The Wilco Book features dozens of never-before-seen photographs of the
band by Michael Schmelling, plus essays, reflections, drawings and
photographs by members of Wilco about their music, their instruments
and the varied sources from which they draw their inspiration. Also included
are essays by authors Henry Miller and Rick Moody, paintings by Fred
Tomaselli, visual images by Bern Porter, and a compact disc of unreleased

The 40-minute CD included in the book contains songs and music collected during the recording
sessions of A Ghost Is Born. This never-before-released material is only
available with the book.