18 December 2011 show at Lincoln Hall benefits Inspiration Corporation

Wilco’s Dec. 18 show at Lincoln Hall raised $63,500 for one of the band’s favorite local charities. According to Diane Pascal, Vice President of External Relations, Inspiration Corporation will use the donation for both general operating expenses and the Supportive Services program, through which we help Chicagoans who are homeless or poor to pursue permanent housing and income.” The program includes Inspiration Cafe in Uptown and The Living Room Cafe in Woodlawn, serving restaurant-style meals cooked and served by volunteers in therapeutic communities — helping them develop skills that help them down the road to self-sufficiency. The program also provides case management; direct support grants for such needs as rent, utilities, work uniforms, public transportation or medication; and cultural- and health-related programming for participants. The Cafes offer counseling, referrals, food pantries; and direct grants.