Stetson Kennedy

I done spent my last three cents Mailing my letter
to the president I didn't make a show, I didn't
make a dent So I'm swinging over to this
independent gent Stetson Kennedy Writing his
name in

I can't win out to save my soul Long as Smathers-
Dupont’s got me in the hole Them war profit boys
are squawking and balking That's what's got me
out here walking and talking Knocking on doors
and windows Wake up and run down election
morning And scribble in Stetson Kennedy

I ain't the worlds best writer nor the worlds best
speller But when I believe in something I'm the
loudest yeller If we fix it so you can't make
money on a war We'll all forget what we’re killing
folks for We'll find us a peace job equal and free
Dump Smathers-Dupont in a salty sea Well, this
makes Stetson Kennedy the man for me

Published by Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc. (BMI)/BMG Songs (ASCAP)

Words: Woody Guthrie 1950
Music: Billy Bragg 1997
Jay Bennett: electric guitar and solo
Billy Bragg: acoustic guitar, vocal
Ken Coomer: drums
John Stirratt: bass

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