Bugeye Jim

If I get up and let you in,
I lose my house and my home again;
If I get up and try to come,
I get sent back to the land I’m from.

The cloud came low and the rain did pour;
I hear your hand touch on my door;
The rain has quit and the light of the moon
Shows you standing in my room.

Bugeye Jim, I can’t come;
I can twist and turn, but I can’t come,
I can ache and I can burn, but I can’t come.
I woke up this morning with an aching brain;
Hear you tap on my window pane.

I look at you with a heavy head;
I hear you sit down on my bed;
The storm gets worse and my heart feels bare;
I feel your fingers comb my hair.

The mud it runs and the waters rise;
I feel your hotkiss on my eyes;
The rain it rained and the world did stir;
I sing to you my lovesick word.

Billy Bragg: resonator guitar, vocal
Words: Woody Guthrie (1946) | Music: Billy Bragg


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