Once just by chance
I made a friend in an ambulance
I was half man half broken glass
She had a needle but I wasn’t afraid

I’d slap the cuffs right on my wrists
I’d get so high I’d arrest myself
For honeysuckle on a buckle
Broken teeth biting on my belt

High in a trance
My life smeared right past
In a blue light
I thought she was dancing
But she was just holding my cold hand

Cause everything can shine
Even the devil sometimes
And while I was busy dying
My lord she made some other plan

Traveling salesmen carrying trunks
You can smell them coming like skunks
In the distance, if your eyes can focus
That’s how God once spoke to us

Trying not to laugh
They pronounced me dead at half past
And that priest he pissed his pants
When he heard me start to say hello

Everything can shine
Even the devil sometimes
While I was busy dying
My lord she made some other plan

written by Jeff Tweedy

Played Live On

San Sebastian, Spain - Auditorio del Centro Kursaal

Eridge Park, Kent, UK - Black Deer Festival


North Adams, MA - Solid Sound Festival

Dallas, TX - Majestic Theatre

Austin, TX - Paramount Theatre

Los Angeles, CA - Largo